These documents take you through the learning journey of a child in each class following the National Curriculum.

Children in Class 7 have tailored topics which vary with the needs and interests of the children in the class.

Sometimes, topic delivery varies according to opportunities for different enrichment activities, or perhaps class participation in a project which requires curriculum time. (e.g. Heritage schools project)

We use the Read Write Inc phonics scheme in Early Years and Key Stage 1. Children learn to read using a variety of schemes. Click HERE to find out more.

Y1-6 Topics Overview
Year 1
Year 3
Year 5
Early Years
Year 2
Year 4
Year 6

Subject Curriculum

We believe that to deliver this content of the National Curriculum effectively, class teachers need to know how and where to pitch that content to ensure that children develop their abilities and talents as they grow through school. By using the documentation below they can ensure this.

Religious Education

Religious Education Skills Progression

Please click here to view the agreed syllabus for the teaching of RE in Gateshead. We have used this to place the RE objectives within our curriculum plans.

What does learning look like at Bede?

Traditionally, we took lots of photographs of lessons and these were stored in lovely photo booklets showing the fun work that went into each topic. These days, we use our photographs in a different way and no longer do the photograph booklets. We use an on-line system called Earwig. Here, staff regularly upload images of all the children do at school. If you are a parent or carer and have supplied school with your email address, you will automatically be given an invitation to join Earwig so that you can look at what your child is up to at ANY time you like. It is a great way for you to see what your child is up to and a lovely thing for you to look at together and be able to discuss what happens at school with them. For a small fee paid to Earwig (around £12)you can download these images as often as you want or if you wish to buy them, you can  order yearly memory books as keepsakes to show just how your child progresses year on year.