Dear children, parents and carers,

First of all, we hope that you are all doing well and that everyone is safe and healthy. These are such difficult and strange times and we are all doing our best to find our way through without becoming too overwhelmed by what we are facing.

Please know that we are here with you and for you and that we are more than happy to help you if there is anything that you are having trouble with and you think that we may be able to help

We are doing our best to provide the children both at school and those learning at home with a good bank of lessons that will continue to support their learning and keep the children moving forward. Technology fails us all at times and believe me, we are just as exasperated by it as you! The government has promised us laptops that can be borrowed by any children who do not have devices that allow them to log on easily to online lessons. So, if that is your child, please do give us a call and we will see what we can do to help.

This lockdown is very different to the first and we are required to ensure that all children are receiving and doing a specific amount of work daily. We totally understand how hard this can be to manage and we are asking the teachers to make sure that they are giving enough support within either the Google Meet live sessions or within the explanations on the work so that the children can do it as independently as possible. Obviously, this is more difficult for the younger children and we appreciate that you are having to make time for al of this alongside all of the usual things that you have to do in your days. Please just try your best. We do not expect or want you to be teachers and we are fully understanding of the difficulties what we are being asked to do is causing.

However, it is our job to make sure everyone is doing something, so if we find that we are not hearing from people and we do not see children doing any work, we will be in touch with you to see if we can help and to support you to make it happen. Don’t ignore our calls! We won’t be judgemental or accuse you; we will try to help. Please work with us.

You will have received an email from Mrs Colquhoun this week giving you log in details for Oxford Owls. This is a fabulous reading resource / online library, where your children can access all of the reading material that they would have from the school reading scheme. Please log them in and make the most of it.  

There has also been an update today regarding our abilities to provide hot meals for the children who are in school currently. From today, and for the next week, we are only able to provide packed lunches. We are very sorry that this is the case, but it is totally out of our control. Gateshead Council will be bringing us packed lunches each day. We hope to be back to normal by Monday, February 1st,  but we will keep you informed.

For those of you who received the food parcels, we are continuing with these for the moment and are not moving over to vouchers again. Gateshead provided a good selection of food and there were too many issues with the voucher system to make it a good choice for you. The next set of food parcels should be ready for collection on Wednesday 27th January, but we will let you know for sure nearer the time.  Again, should you be having any difficulties with finding food or heating etc. please just get in touch with Tracy and we will signpost you to support. We do not want anyone to feel that they have to go hungry or cold.  

Take good care of each other. We will continue to keep you informed as we hear of any changes.

All best wishes,