In Year 4, the children have been developing their map skills as they have become Virtual Viking Explorers online.

Before we began exploring online we looked at the importance of responsibility online and how by being careless we could hurt people’s feelings. We all agreed that we wanted our online space to be a place of good feelings and that we would always think before we posted digital messages. Now it was time to explore the wonderful online mapping software by Google!

First, we carefully practised using the toolset in Google Earth to explore the globe and find out how we could explore different locations using Streetview. We then moved onto using Google Maps and its similarities and differences to Google Earth. Using Maps, we explored England and created our own maps identifying where we could find some of its major cities. Feeling confident using the online maps we decided to look at the different types of settlements that people live in and explore different villages, towns and cities around the world. Alas, the Internet was not on our side at the end and we couldn’t get to navigate to all the places we had hoped to – but we did manage to practise our perseverance waiting for it all to load!