Congratulations to our Y6 children and staff on working so hard towards doing as well as they possibly can in their SATS.  We always assure them that SATs only measure how they manage their work on the day of the test, but that it is a great chance for them to show off all of their knowledge after working so hard all the way through school.

We know that there are many other things that are so very important about them as people and that these are the things that ultimately matter ( kindness to others, thoughtfulness, creativity, bringing joy, living a good, joyful life – the list goes on) but, we really do want to celebrate how much effort they have all made towards improving their knowledge, understanding and abilities in the curriculums we cover in maths and English at school and in which they have to be tested.   This meal at our local restaurant, Saji’s, was our way of saying well done to both the children and staff.

It is also important that we say a huge thank you to Saji’s restaurant, who opened up especially for us to be able to go for lunch and who cooked us the most wonderful food.  They were very supportive when we asked could we come along and gave us a great afternoon.