Dear parents and carers,

You might be wondering if school is going to be doing anything to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee that takes place during our half term holiday. 

It is actually our history week at school next week, where the whole school focuses most strongly on that subject area under a common theme.  We will be looking at monarchy in many different ways: what it means, who our monarch is, her family and what she does and how life has changed in the UK in the seven decades of our own queen’s reign. We will bring music, art, DT, IT and English into this in fun and creative ways. We will also give a multicultural perspective to this as each year group will find out about a monarchy in another country across the world, looking closely at the differences in ceremonial robes to those worn by British royalty.

We are planning to hold more of a ‘celebration’ of the diverse nature of British life and people over which Queen Elizabeth has reigned for seventy years on June 30th, as this is the day before school is closed for the extra bank holiday given to the country for the jubilee.


If you are looking for something to do to over the half-term holidays linked to the jubilee, Felling Park is holding a carnival and Low Fell library an art workshop for children 3 -8. 

The Biscuit Factory in Newcastle also has a bunting making session for the older children ( 8 – 13).  

Later on in July (Friday, July 15th ), Gateshead will welcome the baton, being carried from the Angel of the North to Saltwell Park as part of The Queen’s Baton Relay. There will then be a community event taking part there too.