Both  class 7 and Reception took part in a competition a while ago.  They had to think carefully about what it meant to be a good friends and then had to create a display to show what they thought.

“We worked with the children on emotional and mental health, looking at feelings and strategies for dealing with those feelings when they upset us. After watching several episodes of Winnie the Pooh, we asked the children if they could see aspects of themselves in the characters. We discussed how the characters have a continuous friendship and how they talk to each other about their feelings and worries, reinforcing the concepts of fair play, making and maintaining friendships. We all want to be the best friends we can be to each other so that we can help people to feel good. Listening to each other is a great way to do this.”

 Well, the people at Vision Education must have thought that our staff and children had some great ideas because they were awarded FIRST PLACE and will  be given a fabulous buddy bench to put into their outside area.  It will be a place for friends to sit together and talk and to listen to one another. 

Congratulations to you all!!