We had the best Sports Day on June 10th : the weather was great,  the talent was amazing, the competition fierce, but the sportsmanship, positive attitudes and enjoyment were second to none.

Everyone tried so hard to do their very best jumping, running, balancing, throwing and supporting . Although everyone wanted to win,  people cheered for teams other than their own when they did well and helped out those needing support whether they were on the same team or not.  We were so proud of everyone.  The year 6 children did a fabulous job in the afternoon of helping out the younger children in the KS1 Sports Day.

After the KS1 and KS2 events had all been completed and points counted up, the Perseverant Pugs were found to be the overall winners of the sports side if the competition.  We also chose a sportsperson from each class, who had shown the best attitude and effort .  They received a medal each and we noted which team they were from.  Amazingly,  more of these people were from The Perseverant Pugs too, so this team were also awarded the Paul Sergison Trophy for sporting behaviour.  You can see this on display at the front of school opposite Lisa.

Mark, from SSP Gateshead, who organised the day, said that they had been really impressed by everyone, including the staff, who they described as really taking part enthusiastically . When do they ever do anything differently?