School  Councillors and School Ambassadors

 A few weeks ago, our KS2 classes voted for the two children in their class who they believed would best represent them on the school council. Everyone discussed what it meant to be a councillor and how important it was to be able to listen to the views of others and then to put forward those ideas to adults in meetings. The winning votes went to:

Y3 – Laura and Cooper

Y4 – Blake and Louisa

Y5 – Macie and Caleb

Y6 – Lucy and Alex

These children will meet regularly with Mrs McCallion to discuss things that they would like to see happening in school and to feed back information to their classmates. Currently, they are discussing where they would like us to plant spring bulbs at school just like the ones that we planted in the estate.

Not only did the children have to vote for their class councillors, the whole school had to vote for the school ambassadors and deputies from the y6 children who wished to be part of it.  These brave and thoughtful 10 ( Haydar,  Rhys, Stewie,  Robbie, Zion, William,  Logan,  Scarlett,  Lucy and Finn) all wrote great speeches, which they then stood up and read out in front of the whole school. Their speeches contained why they thought they were the best candidates for the job and every single one of them had some well thought-out reasons and made some extremely sensible points. After listening to each speech, the classes went away to cast their votes. It was a tense time while the votes were counted.  Each candidate did receive votes but in the end the two ambassadors were clearly out in front.  Lucy and Hayder were offered the positions and Rhys and Finn were offered the deputy positions.

They are now all expectantly awaiting their hoodies letting everyone know who they are. The ambassadors will  represent us to  visitors and will take part in a variety  of activities throughout the year where we show just  what  kind of amazing children we have at Bede.