Encouraging a love of books is something that all of the staff at Bede do  all  of the time, but now, we also have a group of ‘;Book Buddies’ in KS2, who are going to  be doing the same amongst their friends and classmates. It is a very important and prestigious job, as the children will be helping to  keep all of our libraries in good working order, the books carefully placed and reading as much as they  can themselves so that  they can recommend things to  others.  Mrs Colquhoun, the ‘elder librarian’ will be showing them the ropes but she already knows that  they are a hardworking and eager bunch that  she can rely  upon. Just take a look at the job advert and application form that  she put out to see who might like the job.

Soon, we will put one or two of their applications up here too just  to  show you how seriously they take their responsibilities and how much they want the job.  You will be able to notice everyone who was given a job as they will be sporting our smart new forest green hoodies that say  Book Buddy on the back.