In dark we are lighting!”

This poem by Lemn Sissay talks about  how WE can make a difference in the world . We think that it tells many of the ways that WE can show we care and WE can be the ones to work  towards change and better days.

He is a fabulous poet, whose mother came to Britain from Ethiopia in 1966.  His father died and his mother was studying so Lemn was fostered to very  religious foster parents. Sadly, when he was 12 they placed him back into  the foster system and he had no contact with them ever again.  Lemn was in four different  care homes between the ages of 12 and 17. At only  17, Lemn used his unemployment money to self- publish his first poetry pamphlet and by  he was 21 he released his first book of poetry. At the same time, he was reunited with  his birth mother and from the age of 24 he has been a full time writer, performer and supporter of children, especially  those in care.  The University of Manchester elected him as their Chancellor and in his speech he said ‘My prime aim is to  inspire and be inspired. Reach for the top of the tree and you may get to  the first  branch, but reach for the stars and you  will get to  the top of the tree.’ In 2019, he won the PEN Pinter Prize, awarded to  writers who  take an unflinching and unswerving view of the world  and in 2021 he  was appointed Officer of the Order of The British Empire by the Queen.

Lemn is certainly  an inspiration to  us.  Look  at his life story children.  Reach for the stars!   

Click the link below to  see him reading his wonderfully inspiring poem :