Industry in the Northeast has changed greatly over the years. Y6 learn all about our local coal mining past and how huge an industry it was, employing large numbers of adults and children. They see from their work on The Felling Pit Disaster that it was a joyless and dangerous job but that it brought the region great wealth and shaped the landscape. Y1 learn all about George Stevenson, a local man known as the father of the railways. The importance of the railways to the north east is revisited in KS2 and Lord Armstrong, who helped make the Tyne into a major shipbuilding and armaments centre is also part of our history work. Much of our local area is what it is because of these heavy industries, but, for many reasons, they no longer exist as they did and The Northeast has had to find new ways to provide work for the people who live here. We can’t always see the innovations going on but it would seem that we are still a notable region and that Sunderland, Newcastle, Middlesborough are becoming growing influencers in the world of technology, with both Newcastle and Sunderland having held the titles of UK Smart City of the Year!

Read on to find out about how the area is changing and what our future industries are likely to be. Perhaps these will be the sort of jobs that our children may go into.

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The North East is gearing up for the Future…