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Our school needs you!

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Sports Day 2022

We had the best Sports Day on June 10th : the weather was great, the talent was amazing, the competition fierce, but the sportsmanship, positive attitudes and enjoyment were second to none.

Everyone tried so hard to do their very best jumping, running, balancing, throwing and supporting . Although everyone wanted to win, people cheered for teams other than their own when they did well and helped out those needing support whether they were on the same team or not. We were so proud of everyone. The year 6 children did a fabulous job in the afternoon of helping out the younger children in the KS1 Sports Day.

Little Biscuits Art Club

We have some very talented children at Bede. We encouraged some of our Y6 children to try things out out of school over the half term holiday . Two of the girls went off to The Biscuit Factory to try out a Little Biscuits Art Club, which runs every month.

This month, they printed, sewed and did collage and batik to produce this great bunting for the jubilee.

Be brave like them; go somewhere you‘ve never been and try something you might not have done before. The girls had a great time and have something to be proud of that they have created. Find your talent! Be a brave bear!!

Golden Dedication

Some of our children do some amazing things outside of school too. This is Oliver in Y5, who is a dedicated to his judo lessons. With him, is Charlie, who is actually one of the Team GB judo members.

Last week, Oliver took part in the Northern Area developed Competition and won gold! Congratulations Oliver; maybe we will see you representing GB one day.

If you would like to go to Judo lessons, there is a club in low Fell at St. John’s Church , NE9 5RD. It runs Tuesday and Thursday nights 6.30pm – 7.30pm, The photograph gives you all the details you’d need.

It’s always good to give new things a try. You never know, you might find that you are incredibly good at it and never even knew!

The Queen’s Handbag

A short while ago, we were lucky enough to have Maria from Library Services in Gateshead come in to visit us in Reception and Year 1 to read a book called The Queen’s Handbag. It was written and illustrated by Steve Antony.

We were happily surprised when Maria told us that Steve was actually going to join us for the session all the way from New York too and do a question and answer session online. WOW!!! We got to meet the author!!!

Seven Decades of Queen Elizabeth II

During history week, we looked at the seven decades of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign across school. She has lived through many changes and, over those seventy years, she has changed much herself.

In Year two, we worked collaboratively, like cooperative cats, to put together this image of the queen. We have used an iconic image of her from when she was much younger and introduced our own designs. By pulling away the white spaces, we are able to see her majestic smile as she looks over her shoulder and turns to face us.

Little Orange Book

Newcastle Gateshead Clinical Commissioning Group (NGCCG) and North East North Cumbria Children’s Health & Wellbeing Network have commissioned a study, conducted by researchers based at Northumbria, Newcastle, Teesside and Sunderland Universities, regarding experience of using The Little Orange Book.

The Little Orange Book is an information book given to parents and carers of children in Newcastle and Gateshead. It contains information and advice about using health care services for your child/children.

To take part in this survey:

· You must be 18 years or over.

· You must be a parent, carer or guardian (including grandparents)

· You must live (or used to live) in the North East of England in Newcastle or Gateshead at the time you were given a Little Orange Book.

· You must be able to give your consent to participate in the evaluation and fully understand what you are being asked to do and what will happen.

The closing date for this survey is Thursday 2 June.

The Platinum Jubilee at Bede

Dear parents and carers,
You might be wondering if school is going to be doing anything to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee that takes place during our half term holiday.

It is actually our history week at school next week, where the whole school focuses most strongly on that subject area under a common theme. We will be looking at monarchy in many different ways: what it means, who our monarch is, her family and what she does and how life has changed in the UK in the seven decades of our own queen’s reign. We will bring music, art, DT, IT and English into this in fun and creative ways. We will also give a multicultural perspective to this as each year group will find out about a monarchy in another country across the world, looking closely at the differences in ceremonial robes to those worn by British royalty.

We are planning to hold more of a ‘celebration’ of the diverse nature of British life and people over which Queen Elizabeth has reigned for seventy years on June 30th, as this is the day before school is closed for the extra bank holiday given to the country for the jubilee.

ABC Champions!

We were so proud of our KS2 ABC group children, who not only represented us at Gateshead Leisure Centre in the Panathlon Challenges , but came back with the 1st place trophy and certificate!! Mrs Bell and Mrs Hind were so very proud of their behaviour, cooperation and sportsmanship as much as the fact that they won.

Congratulations all of you!

Congratulations Class 6!

Congratulations to our Y6 children and staff on working so hard towards doing as well as they possibly can in their SATS. We always assure them that SATs only measure how they manage their work on the day of the test, but that it is a great chance for them to show off all of their knowledge after working so hard all the way through school.

Key Stage 2 is a phase of primary education for pupils aged 7 to 11.

Key Stage 2 BLURB

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