As headteacher, I would like to say a very warm hello to anyone visiting our website, on behalf of the children, staff, myself and the governing body. We are all extremely proud of our school and are sure that you will see why as you browse through the web-pages here.

We are a constantly evolving school, always striving for the best for our children, families and staff, and always making sure that we provide a happy and positive environment where everyone feels able to fulfill their potential in all areas. Personal development is at the heart of our school, and each child and adult is seen as a valued individual with much to give to the world. We believe it is our job to help everyone discover their own skills and talents; help to develop and improve these, and to light a fire of self-confidence, motivation and determination that will take them as far as they can possibly want to go in life. At Bede, we aim to open up the possibilities that the world has for you and help you to find ways to achieve, be successful and be proud of yourself within it. 

Our curriculum is exciting, innovative, stimulating and meaningful. We include as many real-life experiences into what we do as possible and visits and visitors are a regular part of school life. We have high academic expectations, children are expected to work hard and positive behaviour is modelled and insisted upon. Come and look around for yourself on any day, and you will see happy, children taking part calmly in inspiring and challenging lessons across a broad curriculum. We work closely with our families, and their needs and views always count.

We will always remain committed to enriching the lives of our children as we prepare them for the ever-changing needs of our society, and we will always see ourselves as partners with our families. Together with you, we truly hope to be able to make a difference.

We hope that you enjoy your visit to our website, and that you find the information you are looking for. Please feel free to contact the school direct with any queries you may have.

Mr Nick Anderson


Our Vision at Bede 

At Bede, the importance and love of learning is at our core. We want everyone here to strive purposefully to be the best they can and to have self-belief in their own abilities. We believe that children should be challenged and stimulated within a happy learning environment and so we will always provide enriched opportunities to raise their achievements and help them to become strong, independent learners.
Everyone is regarded as having something worthwhile to contribute towards our school community and life, irrespective of their academic, ethnic, religious, physical abilities or social background. We strive to help every individual to see their potential; become the very best they can be and be proud of what they achieve daily.