Parent Advice Line

If you are worried about bullying and need some advice or support you can contact the Kidscape Parent Advice Line. You can find out more about it at: 

Get SafeToNet free for 60-days as part of our support for Anti-Bullying Week 2020:


Being United Against Bullying is the only way that we can really stop bullying. Like with most things, if we work together, we have more power; we can bring about much greater change, and we have more chance of making our world into the sort of place we want it to be.

In 2019, we said, ‘Change starts with us’, but this year we are focusing on coming together to make our voices heard, and all uniting to say BULLYING IS WRONG _ WE WILL NOT HAVE IT HERE_ WE WILL NOT  BE PART OF IT! WE ARE UNITED AGAINST BULLYING!

Bede is committed to stamping out any form of bullying, for any reason. We celebrate uniqueness and diversity .We are all pieces of a huge puzzle that makes up a wonderful world. We have ALL got our part to play. What will yours be?

This week, all of our children will be taking part in a variety of activities to make these messages clear to them and to ask them what part they will play.

On Friday, November 20th , we will do our Odd Sock Event to bring the message to life and show our support for respect, kindness, empathy and care and our message will be loud and clear from us and our socks. We are against bullying. Please send your child to school with their odd socks on this Friday and make sure they know what it means. Unite with us to show that bullying is not welcome in the Bede Family .

Many thanks,

Beverley McCallion ( deputy headteacher)