You really are an amazing bunch of people. We asked you to bring in anything that you no longer used that other people might be able to use as gifts. Wow did you donate some amazing stuff!

Hopefully, this has given you the opportunity to get some things to use as gifts ready for Christmas or birthdays or maybe just to find something different to play with. Those who didn’t bring anything to swap could buy whatever was still there for whatever money they could afford. Thank you all for being so generous; it was really heart-warming to see so many children using their tickets to buy presents for friends or others in their family.      

At the end of the day, there were still a few things left for families to come in and buy.  So far, we have counted that £111.96 was made, but a number of people are bringing their money in tomorrow so this figure will rise. We are warmed by your generosity.  All of this money will be spent directly on the children.