Celebrations of the Angel of the North’s 25th Birthday at Bede.

When Hope first arrived at Bede in February 2023, it was without a name. We are a very welcoming school and our children’s own names are really interesting as they come from over 22 different countries around the world.

We wondered what name to give our angel; we wanted it to be something that would represent our new friend and link them to us, just like our names are special to us and link us to our families.

Everyone met the angel in assembly and found out why they were with us. It was very exciting! Then the angel joined each class for a while so that the children could get to meet our wooly friend close up. While in each class the children put forward what their new pal should be called – Northy, Silver, Jibril, Mikal, Star. There were so many good ideas.

We took the top 3 ideas from each class and then voted upoin them as a whole school. From this, Hope was born. We liked this name especially because hoping and looking for good things is something we always do here.

The video below shows you all of the wonderful things Hope experienced at our school. Please enjoy!



To top it all off, our adventures with Hope won the school first prize in the Gateshead Council’s competition and we will receive a full day with a professional artist in school!