British Science Week – March 2022


Here at Bede, we had a great time during British Science Week. The theme this year was growth and there were lots of fascinating and exciting things going on around school. Here are just a few of the examples of things people were doing. 


 Reception used a range of unusual units of measure to compare their heights while looking ahead to the future and trying to estimate how tall they might be by year 2. They saw nurses doing this in real life too but using standard units as Reception children’s heights were gathered across Gateshead.

Speaking of year 2, they have also been thinking about growth. They explored our fabulous outdoor areas looking for signs of new growth and life as we move into spring. They have got some frog spawn from a local pond and are going to watch tadpoles grow. Their bodies will completely change and eventually they will develop and grow into fully grown frogs. How cool is that?  

You can see from the photo that they are being asked to consider some good questions that really ask them to think and use the information they have to give their opinions and well thought out answers.

Class 5 have been looking at optical illusions and how no matter how much your brain grows as you get older, it can still play tricks on you. Check out the Ebbinhaus and Jastrow illusions below. Ethan said the Ebbinghaus illusion was so annoying that it actually hurt his brain!


Can you see the illusion?

Ebbinghaus illusion: both of the orange dots in the centre are the same size. Really!

Jastrow illusion: Both shapes are the same length, despite the bottom shape looking much longer.