Dear parents / carers,

We are taking a slightly different approach to our homework this year, due in part to Covid and also because it really was time for us to review what we were doing and to make some changes.

So, you will now find that all homework is available to the children through Google Classrooms. Each week, the teachers will put the homework up on their Google classroom on a Tuesday after school. They will have explained the homework to the children at school, so everyone should know what to do. Depending upon the phase that your child is in, they will have a little bit of maths, a little bit of reading to respond to and some phonics or spellings to learn.  They will also be given their home reading books out on a Tuesday too.

Please don’t forget that you can read as many reading books as you wish with your child by visiting Oxford Owls

Everything that they are asked to do, should be uploaded to Google Classrooms if the teacher needs to see the response. The homework won’t be marked but the teacher will go over it with the children in class or use it with them in class. It should be handed in by Monday each week at the latest.

Don’t worry if you haven’t got a printer to scan work in, you can just take a photograph of what your child has done and upload it.

We will also be giving the children a topic mat every half term with around 12 activities on linked to their class topic. These activities will help them to answer one of the 6 questions for that half term. They can do all of the activities or just one as you prefer, but they will be expected to tell their class all about their answer to the question in the last week of the half term in a literacy lesson, so they really need to have done something that they can talk  about with confidence. The teachers will show them the topic mats in class and if you need any further explanation once you have seen them, Mrs McCallion will be happy to talk to you about them

Click here for an example of a homework topic mat.

We hope that the homework we provide will help our children to better commit some of the facts that they have to learn to memory and that the topic mats will support them to become improved independent learners, able to show their enthusiasm and learning in the ways that they really enjoy most. We want to see them follow the ways that they enjoy working and encourage them to be as creative as possible.

Many thanks,

Beverley MCcallion