Dear parents/ carers ,

Please find attached the new school lunch menu, which we will be adopting from Monday, November 2nd. As you can see, the menu runs on a 3 week cycle.


The menus for Week 2 is the menu for our first week back after half term. This is the one beginning with meat free sausage and mozzarella topped pizza slice with tomato and vegetable pasta salad as the meal for Meat Free Monday.


Meals cost £2.50 per day, or £12:50 for a week and they should be paid for in advance. For the moment, we are still asking parents to send in money with the children in the small pink envelopes with their name, class and amount written on the front. These are given to the class teachers, who send them straight to the school office. We will be moving to a cashless system as soon as training for this has taken place, so please just continue with our usual system for now.


If monies are owed for dinners, you will receive a letter/ email letting you know this at the end of the week. We would appreciate immediate payment of this.


If you are experiencing any difficulties with being able to pay for school lunches, please do talk to us so that we can try to help you.


School lunches really are very tasty these days and we would encourage everyone to give them a go. With the cold weather now coming in, a hot lunch in the middle of the day is often a very good thing.


If you would like to know more about our lunches, please get in touch with Mrs Gillian McTeer (school business officer) or Mrs Lisa Beattie (school administrator) .


Kind regards,

N. Anderson