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Homework at Bede has always been led by making it something that will both help commit learning to memory and develop independent learning skills and styles.  We would like it to engage children and to be work that will support what they do at school, while also asking them to think for themselves and to see learning as a lifelong tool that will take them wherever they want to go and unlock doors to the futures they hope for.

To find children’s homework, all that has to be done is to log in to Google Classrooms with the child’s login details and password. These will have been shared at school and will be held by the class teacher and IT coordinator.

We are always happy to take time to talk to families about work being done at home and will provide resources to help them do the homework if needed and we are able to.

There will be two basic elements to homework:

Weekly Tasks

A weekly expectation that children will read, learn to read and/or write several spellings and a small maths activity which will support committing known facts to memory too.

From Y2, there will also be a very small weekly comprehension. This may be no longer than two or three questions, and if it is a particularly tricky question, it may even only be one!

Weekly homework will be posted onto Google classrooms on Tuesday evenings and will be expected to have been done by the next Monday morning. This gives a great deal of time for all homework to be completed and doesn’t eat in to either weekends or evenings.

Half-Termly Tasks

On top of this, there will be the half termly topic homework, which we aim to make as creative and as flexible as possible. It is given at the beginning of a half term and can be done at any time over that half term. In the final week of the half term, the children will be asked to talk to their classmates for between 1 and 3 minutes about one element of the homework that they have done as part of the speaking and listening element of the Literacy curriculum. Developing the confidence to do this, will be invaluable in so many settings for them in the future.  We will be using Google Classrooms to set the homework and for children to hand it in, but there will always be a blended approach so that anyone who does not have access to technology can still do the work.

We do not want homework to be a burden for families or for it to cause any tension, so we are making it as straightforward as possible, with a great degree of choice for the topic homework, hopefully enabling children and families to have fun together while it is done.  We hope that time spent working on it together will be a positive experience for all, allowing the adults to show their support for and pride in their children’s efforts, and ultimately help the children to see their own extremely important part in shaping their own journey through education.

The style of the half termly topic homework asked for gives children the chance to follow their own enthusiasms and use ways of working that they enjoy. It provides opportunities to enhance children’s independent research and learning skills, develops their confidence, improves their speaking and listening skills and asks them to be curious and creative, all of which provide great foundations for the rest of their lives. We will still be offering a variety of ways in which homework can be done to suit the child, but we will not be having the longer presentations at the end of a topic nor holding the homework parties.

Homework Points

Each thing done by the children throughout a half term will be allotted points ( families and children will know the points and choose what they wish to do) and the total points earned at the end of a half term will give the children some kind of treat in school – again this will be known in advance so that children can work towards it. The homework will be set and submitted using Google Classrooms and within literacy lessons in the last week of the half term, the children will be expected to talk to their class for between 1 minute and 3 minutes on one part of that half term’s homework questions and activities.

When the questions are topic based, such as ‘Which ancient Egyptian god do you think was the most interesting and why?’, there will always have been enough work done in class for the children to answer it, but it is hoped that older children especially will be interested enough to go away and do some research of their own too.  

All of the possible things to do for homework will be given at the start of a half term, and it is up to children and families what they choose to do from them. The children will only be asked to talk about one thing, so if this is all they decide to do, then that is their choice.