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Children learn the English alphabetic code: first they learn one way to read the 40+ sounds and blend these sounds into words, then learn to read the same sounds with alternative graphemes (letters are called graphemes, their sounds are called phonemes).

A basic session typically involves:

  1. Introduction to the sound
  2. Objects that begin with that sound
  3. How you write the sound
  4. CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words

If your child is finding it difficult to remember the sounds that they are being taught, we would always encourage them to go back to pre-phonic activities. Equally if your child is struggling to blend sounds into words, we would encourage the child to gain confidence in remembering the initial sound of the word, and recognising lots of objects that begin with that sound alongside their regular phonic sessions.

Once your child has mastered the concept of sounds, we would then teach the letter name alongside each one.

The sessions are fun and fast-paced with lots of actions to praise the children e.g. ‘high-five scuba dive’. They experience success from the very beginning. Lively phonic books are closely matched to their increasing knowledge of phonics and ‘tricky’ words and, as children re-read the stories, their fluency increases.

Along with a thought-provoking introduction, prompts for thinking out loud and discussion, children are helped to read with a storyteller’s voice.

Set 1 Letter Sounds: m a s d t

Set 1 Letter Sounds: i n p g o

Set 1 Letter Sounds: c k u b

Set 1 Letter Sounds: f e l h sh

Set 1 Letter Sounds: m a s d t

Set 1 Letter Sounds: m a s d t