Our ‘Friends @ Bede’ group is made up of a lovely bunch of parents and carers who want to do a little bit more to support the school and to help raise funds, so that the children can have more experiences, better resources and as much of what they deserve as possible! 

The group is a great set of people, all very friendly and all with different skills, interests, backgrounds and abilities, so they are always happy for absolutely anyone to come and join them. You don’t have to have anything other than enthusiasm, a good attitude, a little bit of time now and again and the desire to help the children in our school. Don’t be shy; come and join in please. The more people we have interested the better. If you would like to know more ,then come in and see Mrs McCallion (our deputy head) or Tracy (our family support worker) and they will introduce you to the group.    

F@B do all sorts of fund raising activities. So far they have organised a great Christmas Fair and are now running a very successful school tuck shop every Monday morning playtime. Their next venture is an Easter disco, but they have masses of other ideas that need lots of people to make them happen. Could that be you?

You don’t have to commit to coming every week and generally you won’t be directly involved with the children, although some of the group do volunteer on school trips or read with children too. We will find something you feel you’d be good at and make the most of it – gardening, selling raffle tickets, painting, making crafts, setting up flyers or posters, making cups of tea, washing cars… the list is endless!! 

We want our parents to be our partners in making our children’s education something that they value and remember with joy forever. There is a  part for everyone to play. We look forward to seeing you soon.