We celebrated Diwali in school this half-term. Diwali is the Hindu festival of light and it is celebrated on what is thought to be the darkest night of the year by Hindus. It symbolises the victory of light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance. The day honours the return of Rama and Sita (Hindu deities) after a long exile in the darkness and is also linked to the goddess Lakshmi.

 During the celebrations, people let off fireworks and light up their homes with oil lamps and candles.  The word diwali comes from an ancient Sanskrit word meaning rows of lighted lamps. People often leave their windows and doors open with lighted lamps there to welcome in the goddess Lakshmi, who they hope will come in and bless them with wealth and prosperity. It is a huge festival for Hindus and others and sometimes there are festivals lasting for days, full of colour, sweets, light and happiness.   

 In Reception class, we made our own clay lamps . We had to think very carefully about how we shaped the clay and how we decorated it once it had dried.