Ellie robinson is such a great role model for us all, in all walks of life. 

She was born in 2001 and was diagnosed as having a rare type of dwarfism. When she was only four, she started swimming lessons. She then joined a swimming club when she was 11 because she enjoyed the sport so much and realised that to improve, she needed to put in effort. She had her own hero, Ellie Simmons, who she looked up to and was inspired by. Little did she know when she started that she would become a team-mate of Ellis Simmonds one day, but anything is possible if you work at it, little by little. 

Even when she was diagnosed with a rare disease affecting her hips and causing her great pain, she didn’t let it stop her from doing whatever she could. Ellie must have felt down at times, but she persevered and since 2015, she has won gold medals in the Commonwealth Games, The European Championships and the 2016 Paralympics as well as many other silver and bronzes. Her main event is Butterfly, in which she set a world record in 2015, but she has also won medals for Freestyle too. Ellie’s greatest success was her Gold Paralympic medal in her first Paralympic games.  In 2017, she won a gold medal in the British Para-swimming International Meet just days after starting her GCSE exams. What amazing achievements.