Dear Parents/Carers,

We would like to give you the details of the system we have set up for home reading during the covid crisis.

A reading book, matched to your child’s reading ability, will be sent home on a Tuesday. The book will come home in a plastic pocket. It will have been in this pocket, in quarantine, for 72 hrs before your child is given it to take home.

Please encourage and support your child to read at home for at least 15 minutes each day. Younger readers will benefit from re-reading the book a number of times as this helps to develop reading confidence: fluency, comprehension and the ability to read with expression.

Children in Nursery and Reception classes will be given a storybook that adults and older siblings can share with them at home. Letters and sounds games will be provided to support the learning of phonics and tricky words as the Reception class children progress through our phonics programme. When Reception class children are ready to access our school reading scheme, they will do so.

Books can be returned to school on a Monday only if a new book is required. Longer chapter books can be kept at home for more than a week if necessary. We ask you to please return the book in the plastic pocket provided.

Once the book has been returned, a new book will be issued the following day. Books are now only coming home on Tuesdays.

There will be no need to complete or sign a reading diary to indicate how and when your child has read. This is to ensure that we reduce as many health and safety risks as possible while continuing to provide you with as many opportunities to support the children’s reading as we can. If you do wish to discuss any aspect of your child’s home reading with us, please don’t hesitate to contact school and make an appointment to speak with your child’s class teacher over the phone.

Books returned to school will go into quarantine for at least 72hours before they are returned to our shelves.

‘Book talk’ sessions will take place in each class every Tuesday, when children will be encouraged to talk about the books , comics and other reading material they are enjoying at home as we realise that children read a lot more than just the literature we provide, but we would like to be able to explore this with them so that we can help steer them towards other things they might like and perhaps provide similar things in school too.

If you have any concerns over home reading and any risk to health and safety that bringing books home might have, please contact us to discuss this so that we can offer advice on other ways that you might support your child’s reading at home.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Colquhoun – Literacy Coordinator