Improving Our Local Area

Our school is always looking for ways to improve things and make our community  a place to be proud of. Mostly, we do this in school, but last week we had the opportunity to support Pattinson House and Gateshead Council in their environmental community drive. Despite the weather being a little on the wet side, we wrapped up well and joined the workmen to plant daffodil and crocus bulbs in the Nest Estate.    Fortunately, the council had a great spiral machine that dug the holes for us and all we had to do was put our five little bulbs carefully into their new home. We expect the bulbs to flower in the early spring and hope that the y will bring colour to the area and a smile to all who see them.

Our KS2 school councillors and school ambassadors were the hardy few who did the planting. Many thanks to them.  Councillor Dickie wondered if we would be up for more . What do  you  think we said? With any luck, we will find flowers blossoming all over the place in the new year.