Dyslexia Awareness Month – Free Apps

LINKSFree Apps for Dyslexia Awareness month It is Dyslexia awareness month this month and ‘Nessy’ are making educational APPS to support early reading free to download : October 1-7 abc - Learn the alphabet with Hairy Letters Oct 8 – 14 Phonics 1 Learn the most common...

Hungry Little Minds

Dear parents/carers, We have been introduced to a wonderful site, recommended by the government, called “Hungry Little Minds”. It gives so much practical help and so many activities, games  and ideas, pinpointed for every stage of development in children...

Welcome to Nursery!

We are the class that loves to learn through play, make new friends and take the first steps on a life long learning journey!

When can your child start Nursery?

Children are welcome to start Nursery the day after their third birthday. This first morning will involve coming into nursery for a little 1 hour visit. If they are comfortable and happy they can then stay for the full morning the following day onward. If they might need a little support to settle we can build this up in a way that works for home and school.

We also run stay and play afternoons for children not yet 3 to visit with their trusted adult and explore the nursery setting. However, these are currently unable to run due to Covid 19 restrictions.

During your child’s first half term in Nursery we will be taking time to get to know them and carry out baseline assessments. We also look at information from previous settings and parents and we then use this information to consider the next steps for learning for your child. Then we assess your child’s development after each term and adjust their next steps to continue their progress.


Daily Routine

The classroom doors will be opened at 8.50am to drop off. We like to start our Hello’s at 9am so please don’t be late. Children will be encouraged to come in to Nursery by themselves.

In a typical morning, children will be involved in a combination of teacher led activities and child initiated activities both inside and outdoors. The adult led activities focus on, personal, social and emotional development, speaking and listening, physical development, phonics, number and introducing topic learning. Children also have lots of opportunities to explore, investigate and make sense of the world around them through a range of play-based activities.

Fruit, water and milk is provided during our morning snack-time at 10.15am, however children can request this at any point.

We prepare for home at 11.50am and the side-gate to the yard will be opened at this time to collect your child. The gate must be closed at 12.00pm, so please don’t be late or you will need to go to the school office.

What We Learn

There are seven areas of learning that are used to plan your child’s learning with a focus on the prime areas of learning:

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Physical Development
  • Communication and Language

Children learn by playing and exploring, being active, creating and thinking critically. We will teach and observe these characteristics of effective learning throughout the year.

The Nursery curriculum, which is taught through topics, ensures that children have the opportunity to develop a broad range of knowledge and skills that provide the right foundation for future learning and success.

As some of our children can be with us for nearly 2 years, we have a 2 year rolling program of our topics:

Year A (Odd numbered years e.g. 2019)

Autumn 1 My Journey Download  My Journey Topic Letter
Autumn 2 Let’s Celebrate Download  Let’s Celebrate Topic Letter
Spring 1 Let’s Grow Download  Let’s Grow Topic Letter
Spring 2 Changes Download  Changes Topic Letter
Summer 1 Once Upon a Time Download  Once Upon a Time Topic Letter
Summer 2 Explorers Download  Explorers Topic Letter

Year B (Even numbered years e.g. 2020)

Autumn 1 Fantastic Families Download  Fantastic Families Topic Letter
Autumn 2 Let’s Get to Work Download  Let’s Get to Work Topic Letter
Spring 1 On the Farm Download  On the Farm Topic Letter
Spring 2 Amazing Animals Download  Amazing Animals Topic Letter
Summer 1 Adventure Time Download  Adventure Time Topic Letter
Summer 2 Around the World Download  Around the World Topic Letter

What does your child need to bring to Nursery?

Your child will have their own peg for all their belongings and will need to bring the following to school with them:

  • a suitable coat (we go out in all weathers, so we don’t want to be too hot or cold!)
  • spare set of clothes if still toilet training

Please make sure all clothing is clearly labelled with your child’s name. We cannot stress enough how important this is.

Please do not bring toys or books from home they can easily be lost in a busy classroom!


Home-School Links

In Nursery we use Earwig Academic and Google Classroom to share learning ebtween home and school. Earwig is an online learning tool which allows us to record your child’s activities at school. This enables us to build a personal learning journal over time showing your child’s progress. We record one observation per child per week on Earwig. These will be recorded as photographs or videos and you will be notified about these via email so that you can celebrate their achievements.

 As parents, you can also contribute to your child’s learning journey by sharing photos and videos of their learning from home. You send these to us through our Nursery Google Classroom when we set termly and fortnightly homework. The homework we set is designed to be fun and give the children the opportunity to show off what they can do!