“I dream of painting and then I paint my dream.”

Vincent Van Gogh


The Kitchen Table Classroom

Nothing can replace going to a great art gallery or a museum to see works of art in person, but when you can’t do that, try some of the great art websites recommended here.

Scholastic: Art Apps

In this website page from Scholastic you will find some great information about encouraging children’s digital art and get information about some mobile apps where they can have a go. 

Tate for Kids

The Tate for Kids not only showcases some of its great art but also has an entire section devoted to free art games, activities and fun quizzes on its site.

Artful Parent

If you / your child is into 3D art and enjoys making and creating, you might enjoy some of the activities suggested here.



Here is a wonderful gallery for you, full of information to fill your minds with wonder, images to spark your own imaginations and wonder and knowledge about the world of art that may make you want to know more so that you too can become an important part of this world. You will be able to read all about recent important happenings and people in this field today, but you will also be able to appreciate the history of the subject and some inspirational people, from a range of backgrounds, who have helped to make it what it is. We hope that as you participate and learn more, you will see and value just how much there is in the world that is truly fantastic and awe-inspiring and that you, one day, might feature on these pages yourselves!


Here, you can find regularly updated information about great places to visit and things to get involved in linked to art.

Test your knowledge of art by taking part in our quiz.

Art Questions