“The answers you get from literature depend on the questions you pose.”

Margaret Atwood


Oxford Owls

Oxford Owl for Home is a great resource that lets you see what the children are set to cover in each year group and gives you some enjoyable ideas of things that you can do at home to help your child with their spelling as well as all other aspects of writing and reading and their maths.

Reading Bags

Reading bags can be picked up from the school office at a cost of £2

Please log onto SIMs/Pay 360 below, to make your payment (Just like school meals):

SIMS / Pay360

When you are logged in, click on the image of the red book bag in the online shop.

Please telephone the school office on 0191 433 4135 to let us know you’ve made your payment. Your child will be given a book bag to bring home once your payment has been confirmed.



The BookTrust website is amazing.

You’ll find brilliant authors reading their stories, illustrators teaching you how to draw some of their top characters, great activities to try, and lots of other stuff too. So dive in and have fun!

“If you can read, you can learn anything!”



Here is a wonderful gallery for you, full of information to fill your minds with wonder, images to spark your own imaginations and wonder and knowledge about the world of literacy that may make you want to know more so that you too can become an important part of this world. You will be able to read all about recent important happenings and people in this field today, but you will also be able to appreciate the history of the subject and some inspirational people, from a range of backgrounds, who have helped to make it what it is. We hope that as you participate and learn more, you will see and value just how much there is in the world that is truly fantastic and awe-inspiring and that you, one day, might feature on these pages yourselves!


Here, you can find regularly updated information about great places to visit and things to get involved in linked to literacy.

Make reading fun

Get more from reading with your child with the help of these videos designed to put the fun back into reading.

Test your poetry skills with this train poem challenge!

Mrs Colquhoun’s Poetry ’ challenge

Some poems have a really strong rhythm.

Can you hear the train moving along the track as you read John Foster’s poem?

Can you perform the poem so that your audience can hear the train?

Listen for the sounds of the words and the poem’s movement. Try saying it in different tones of voice. Try clapping the poem’s beat or wlaking in time to it. Try different speeds, where to places pauses and moments where the rhythm changes.

Poem - "The song of the Train"

Wheels on the track,
This is the way
They begin the attack:
Click-ety, clack -ety,

Over the crack,
Faster and faster
The song of the track:
Clickety, clackety,
Clackety .

Riding in front,
Riding in back,
Everyone hears
The song of the track:
Clickety, clickety ,
Clack .

By John Foster

Can you do it? Let Mrs. Colquhoun know!

If you have practised it and you can perform it (or part of it) you could win the chance to have your performance recorded and put on our website! Can you show off your poetry prowess?

Perform it to your teacher,

then get word to Mrs. Colquhoun.

Let it reach her ear,

You’ll be famous soon!