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Here is a wonderful gallery for you, full of information to fill your minds with wonder, images to spark your own imaginations and wonder and knowledge about the world of music that may make you want to know more so that you too can become an important part of this world. You will be able to read all about recent important happenings and people in this field today, but you will also be able to appreciate the history of the subject and some inspirational people, from a range of backgrounds, who have helped to make it what it is. We hope that as you participate and learn more, you will see and value just how much there is in the world that is truly fantastic and awe-inspiring and that you, one day, might feature on these pages yourselves!


Here, you can find regularly updated information about great places to visit and things to get involved in linked to music.

Test your knowledge of music by taking part in our quiz.

1. God Save the Queen, is the national anthem of which country?

The United Kingdom

2. Which country is Billie Eilish from?

The United States

3. Which large stringed musical instrument is often linked to the country called Wales?


4. Which pop group do Jade Thirlwall and Perrie Edwards belong to?

Little Mix

5. Which instrument does Ed Sheeran play?


6. Which pop group did Victoria Beckham and Emma Bunton used to sing together in?

Spice Girls

7. Starting with the letter x, which musical instrument has wooden bars that are tapped by a mallet?

The xylophone

8. Let it Go, is a song from which Disney film?


9. Who won many of awards for her pop song, Hello?


10. Which musical instrument has a small hoop with metal discs along its frame and is held with one hand?


11. In the nursery song, The Wheels on the Bus, what goes swish, swish, swish?

The wipers on the bus

12. In which film can you sing along to the song, How Far I’ll Go?