Dear children, parents and carers,

Here we are on the last day of term before our summer holidays. What a term it has been!

We would just like to wish you all a safe, happy and healthy break and hope that you are able to enjoy it as a proper ‘holiday’ time. We know for many of you, you have not been at school anyway, but you have still been working with your children and trying to keep them focused, hopefully even using our lesson plans!

Well, there will be no more lesson plans going up on our website ( over the summer, but there will be lots of ideas for things you might want to take part in and look at, so do keep checking in. We will also post any further news or information there for you and will keep you up to date with any changes we need to make in school there too. It really is the best place to go to find out what is happening and when.

September will be here before you know it, and we will all be back together fully again. We are ready for this. Please don’t worry. It will be different, but it will still be Bede. Please make sure that you have the information about start and finish times for your children and be in the right place at the right time on Tuesday, September 8th. This will help to keep contact between people as limited as possible and avoid crowds. If you have more than one child, go for the earliest start and finish times. For now, there will be no breakfast club, but we are looking to see how we might bring this back soon.

For those children and families leaving us this term, we would like to wish you well on the next stage of your journeys. Our Year 6 children are going to be very missed as they have brought such a lot to Bede, but we know that they are ready for new great things. Enjoy them all.

Once again, thank you for helping us to make these last few months work. Your children have been a credit to you and themselves ; they have adapted so well to our new ways of being, and it is partly down to them and their attitudes that we know we are going to be able to manage in September when everyone joins us back at school.

Have a wonderful summer everyone.

Best wishes,

The Bede Team