Good afternoon/evening everyone.

Well, that is our first week of lockdown over. I imagine that you have been just as busy as us, getting to grips with all of the changes that are necessary to try and carry on with some normality. Please can we just say a huge well done and thank you from us for how much effort you have all made to access the online learning and to make sure that you are working with us as much as you possibly can to ensure that learning at Bede is still happening. Between you and the staff here, we have done well by our children in the most challenging of circumstances. We really are proud of the attitudes, hard work and team work from all sides. It has been a real partnership. Please keep asking us if you need more support from us. We will always try to help where we can.


Please try not to feel stressed or worried about thee online learning too. We are doing our best to keep things as easy and as accessible for you all. We have had a few glitches with technology and connectivity, but Mr White is on the case and working with Gateshead Council to try and iron these out. Do keep your eyes open on the website and your emails as he is always finding new ways to help. Just this week , there was information about being able to use Xboxes and Playstations to access work and currently he is looking at translating information to help those with English as a Second language to be able to get onto Google classrooms easily too. The rest of the staff are working tirelessly to plan and give interesting work at the children’s level to make sure that people do not fall behind and we would urge you to do as much reading , playing with and talking to the children as you can while you are at home with them. You are always their chief educators and the experiences they have with you cooking, doing jigsaws, reading books, playing games and taking part in imaginative play are all so important too. We do not expect you to do our jobs – we know that it is difficult at home to juggle all you have to do and help the children so please just do what you can and let us know if you are struggling with it. The teachers will be calling children that we do not see in school or online as it really is important that we don’t let any of our family slip back.


If you are struggling in any other way, you know that you can always get in touch for support there too. Call either school or Tracy.


So, enjoy the weekend and we shall be in touch with you all again next week.


Take care of each other and stay safe.

Beverley McCallion