‘Somewhere in the Library’ by Steward Henderson

I wonder what’s in our school library ?

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National Poetry Day Thursday 7th October 2021

We’re going potty for poetry here at Bede!

National Poetry Day 2021 sees us dive in to poetry and the art of saying poems by heart and  performing them  as we begin to discover the joys of what poetry has to offer. 

We plan to raise the profile of  poetry in school to support literacy skills and language learning by integrating reading fluency, comprehension, and  speaking and listening in meaningful ways.

Engaging with poetry can have many positive impacts for learning and wellbeing: poetry offers a valuable medium to help build bridges, support communication and expression, and brings people together.

Exploring poetry offers in-roads to challenging themes and issues such as culture and identity, and finding that people have similar feelings and experiences can promote students’ empathy for others, as well as reassuring them that they are not alone when they find a poet who has  shared a similar experience of the world or viewpoint as them.


Throughout the year we will be learning  and preforming poems.

To read a poem well is to understand it and to perform a poem well  is to share that understanding.

Our aim is to share our love of poetry with you as it grows.

Each class across school will begin by learning a poem to help us celebrate Harvest. 

We can’t wait to share what we have been practising with you.

Look out for our Harvest poem performances on Tuesday 19th October.