October is Black History Month

Black History Month is held to highlight and celebrate the achievements and contributions of the black community in the UK.

Meet Maggie Aderin-Pocock:

Maggie is a space scientist who has made discoveries about space and, would you believe it, her desire to understand how the universe worked started with a book.

A book with an astronaut on the cover changed her life. She had dyslexia and found reading and writing in school difficult. As soon as Maggie saw that picture of a man floating without gravity in his amazing suit, she craved more information about space.

Watch the video to hear Maggie explain why being different is no barrier to success if you are passionate about something:


Maggie describes how she worked hard to overcome stereotypes by staying true to her goal. Despite not fitting the common image of a ‘serious, white male scientist’, she made it.

Her message to others is simple: “Believe in yourself, and you can achieve so much.”

 Are you fascinated by space?  Why not take a look at these amazing books?

Junior Ranger Spaceflight Explorer—Explorer’s Activity Guide

Play word and number puzzles while you learn about the Moon, space vehicles that will take humans to the Moon and to Mars, and national parks across the United States. NASA and the National Park Service made this booklet of fun activities. The free, printable booklet has math puzzles, thought questions, spot the difference pictures, matching puzzles, scrambled words and anagrams. Take the pledge to become a Spaceflight Explorer Junior Ranger, and put your name on the certificate.

3…2…1… Blast Off!

This count-down style book counting down from 12 to 1, introduces readers to fascinating celestial objects, to space concepts, and to the people involved in the various facets of astronomy. It may just inspire them to take a step towards a career in astronomy. Come, let us go space travelling!

This book is rated Level 3 by Pratham, suitable for stronger readers, some difficult words, but a relatively short length of text. The language and concepts in this book are aimed at early grades. This book is also fun to read to younger readers interested in space.

Captain Ren’s Trip to Mars

Captain Ren is ready for his first adventure into space, he’s off to Mars. He has important work to do on Mars. What will he do while he is there? Will he meet anything on Mars? Get ready for lift off! In this fictional space theme early reader young astronauts can entertain their dreams of space while learning important phonics rules and improving confidence in reading.

Solar System Wikijunior

Solar system Wikijunior ebook is a text book on the solar system for upper elementary and middle school, this book has tons of facts on the solar system presented in an appealing way, easy for children to understand.

The Solar System Wikijunior book is a creative commons book, so all text can be reused and republished, providing the resulting work is released in the same way.