Dear parents / carers,


Due to the Covid pandemic, we have decided not to hold face to face parent / carer consultations for our children this year. However, we remain committed to the idea that we form a partnership with you in your child’s education journey and we still want to have our usual, early conversation with you about how your child is settling in to their new class. This involves their attitude towards their learning; how well they are achieving so far, what we are doing to support them, and how they are coping socially and emotionally.


In everyone’s best interests, we have therefore decided to send you a brief written report on your child at this stage that focuses primarily on their attitudes and abilities, their relationships, where they are with their English and maths work, an overview of how they have tackled the other subjects covered so far and on giving you an indication of areas that you may like to offer support or extension to at home.


If it is felt that any of these topics need a more in-depth discussion with you, then the class teacher will ask you if they can have a telephone or video chat with you as well. If you are not asked to do this, it means that the teacher is happy that the written report is enough.


The report will be sent to you on Monday, November 9th by email.


If after reading this report, you feel that you would like to discuss anything further, or add anything that you feel would help us give your child the best experience possible, please get in touch with us to arrange a phone call after school with your child’s class teacher. Alternatively, add your comments into the boxes left for you on the report and send the form back into school.


Many thanks,


Mr N. Anderson