Odd Socks Day began our week of making a statement as a school that we are against all forms of bullying and of involving ourselves in activities that helped us to become better informed about and aware of how we can ‘Reach Out’ to others when we feel that we may be suffering.  All classes followed the theme of reaching out, discussing what it means and where and how we can do it as well as how we can be someone that others would reach out to.

Wearing odd socks isn’t just a gimmick for the day; we are totally committed to stamping out bullying and making sure that we are there for whoever might feel they are being bullied. We will be your other sock even if we are different to you!

Our anti-bullying week drew to a close on Children in Need Day.  This was another great link for us to think about the different ways that children can be ‘in need’!  We all brought in contributions to  help  those identified by the BBC as charities that support children to have better and happier lives.

We raised the massive amount of £256.94p. Thank you so very, very much!  We also thought about our own needs as children and in assembly one of our Y4 boys put forward the idea that one need children have is to feel happy. We agree totally. So, then we had a good think about how we maybe need to  try  and get  to  know things about each other a little more; if we are curious camels about one another, we are quite likely to find that  there are many hidden things that we actually like about one another. So, be a curious camel, be a positive penguin when it comes to people. Give them the benefit of getting to know more about them instead of judging or being unkind. 


We looked at this with our own staff and found out some amazing things: one of us has worked in Africa, one of us can play the bagpipes, one of us has a diving certificate and has gone deep under the sea.  One of us has even eaten an insect! And you just thought we were boring old teachers and school staff!! Find out a little more about people and you will probably be very surprised to see that they have lots to share with you that makes you very happy!   

The wonderful Maurice ( as big as a child –  there is actually  a Year 6 boy standing behind him here) was raffled off at the end of our assembly. Every child in school had the chance of winning him but the lucky person was a very pleased little girl in class 7. We know that they will both feel very happy snuggling up together.