Dear families,

Friday is Red Nose Day, 2022. Red Nose Day collects money to support organisations that help people to live free from violence, discrimination and poverty. This year, amongst groups in Britain, it is also already funding organisations that are supporting people now in Ukraine and those attempting to cross borders.

We know that everyone is struggling with rising costs now and we have already asked you to bring in food for Gateshead Food Bank and goods for us to send to Poland for the Ukrainians, so we are not expecting money from you on Friday. If you can give any money at all to support Comic Relief, that’s great, but if you can’t, no problem. We would still like to back the day and what it stands for.

The children are allowed to come to school dressed in their own clothes on Friday. They can wear red for Red Nose Day or they might want to wear blue and yellow in support of the people of Ukraine. They can paint their faces and they can wear their red noses. We must make clear that we cannot be responsible for any noses that are lost however, as they do all look exactly the same! If you want to make a donation, then this can be done through our cashless system, PAY360, or you can donate directly to Comic relief online at

At school, we will be looking at themes of helping those in need, how people manage to be brave in difficult situations, why hope is such an important thing to hold onto and how we can help each other to do these things. We hope that you might watch Comic Relief on Friday night and chat to with your children about the hope and bravery being shown and the kindness around the country as we all try to support those in need in different ways.

Many thanks,
Mrs McCallion