We are so proud of Oliver, Lucy, Ethan and Rhys. Yesterday, they attended a special event at Kelvin Grove School and showed all the qualities of a child from Bede school – respectful, bright, hardworking, cooperative, enthusiastic and making great choices in order to get good results.

 They joined Colin Parsons, the author, and took part in his workshop to help them develop their own writing skills. Colin shared tips that he has learnt from his own life as a published author and that have helped him to write exciting, adventure stories for older children and young people. Our children worked with real enthusiasm, imagination and perseverance and managed to write some great stories of their own based on his book, The Gamer.



Imagine being sucked into a video game.  How would you escape? How could you write about it to make someone else want to read it?  Maybe ask these four about their stories. They could be like Colin and pass on what they have learnt to you.  With luck ,we will be able to publish their stories for you to read very soon.