Saving for School Trips

We believe that taking the children on visits and giving them first hand experiences of things is one of the best ways of supporting their education, helping to develop their understanding of the world and of making their learning more interesting and motivational.

Sadly, this generally costs money and though we try to find grants or subsidies so that we don’t have to keep asking you, sometimes we just have no other choice. Saving towards trips really is the very best way you have of not having us ask you for larger amounts through the year. If the money is already there, we can just take the cost of visits straight from this. We have run a savings scheme for you to cover this where the children got a hot chocolate if they had paid in a £1 a week. It worked well, but we think that we have got a better idea for you that might also help in the current cost of living crisis.

The savings ‘club’ will still run and you can pay in a £1 a week, or you can pay the term’s or year’s amount all in one go, or you could pay a couple of times giving small amounts when you can in the term. How you do it is up to you. You will still pay through PAY360 and the title will be Trip Savings.

Now, here is the good part. Anyone who pays in £12 over each term will be entered into a raffle in the last week of each term, the prize being a £25 voucher for the supermarket of your choice. You will be given this before the holiday each term and the winners announced on our website and Facebook page as well as being informed personally. This would give your child £36 a year at least, that we could use to take them places or get visitors in and three times a year you would have the chance to win a £25 gift voucher.

As always, whatever you have saved that is extra can be given back to you at the end of the year if you wish and, should you need it, whatever you have saved can be returned to you at any point. If you were to leave money from one year to the next, it just goes up to the next class with your child. We do nothing with it.

We hope that you will use this system and from 31st October you will begin to start paying your child’s trip money into the school savings scheme. In the week beginning December 12th, anyone who has paid in £12 or more this term will be entered into the draw.