Super Learning Powers Award Winners 22-23

Fourteen, quite amazing children visited Gateshead’s Hilton Hotel, on Bottle Bank on Friday, 22nd September. These were last school year’s Gold Super Learning Power Award winners and this was their reward for collecting all 8 super learning powers in bronze, silver and gold across the year. This is quite a feat as each award requires the children to be thinking about all of the following: giving their very best and consciously making an effort with their work to make it the best it can be( Perseverant Pug); going for something even when they are a little afraid ( Brave Bear); working well alongside others (Cooperative Cat); coming up with answers to things and everyday problems that take a little more thought and a maybe a different approach (Imaginative Iguana) ; being positive about the world around them and trying to face things with a good attitude ( Positive Penguin) ; showing focus and not being easily distracted from their goals and tasks ( Concentrating Clownfish); asking questions, trying to find out things for themselves and showing an interest in their lessons and the world around them (Curious Camel) and whatever they are doing or however well they behave, always trying to work out what they can do next to be even better ( Progress Pig) .

The Hilton Hotel were very happy to throw us a VIP afternoon tea as they recognised that all of these are qualities that they would be looking for in their employees too and agreed that they needed to be celebrated. Not only this, our very own B.’Ewe’nique sheep is on display there with seven other of the St. Oswald’s Hopsice flock so this was a chance for us to go and see our art being exhibited to the public.



We had a fabulous time. The staff were incredibly kind to us, the food was delicious and we were overawed by the amazing views of Gateshead and Newcastle landmarks from the Hilton’s windows. Some of us thought that we might like to work in a place like this when we are older and everyone thought that they might like to come here to stay!

 Getting to go to the Hilton only happened because these fourteen children made such an effort last year. There were many others who almost got their gold. Keep trying again this year. You never know, next year’s reward could include you!!

 Thank you to Olivia MacGill and her wonderful team at Gateshead Hilton for making this happen.