Our ‘Super Learning Powers’ are really just the learning behaviours which we hope to foster within our children in order for them to not only achieve better learning outcomes  but also to become people who can face the challenges of the world with attitudes and characteristics that will stand them in good stead for the rest of their lives.  We believe; therefore, that they really are a pretty big deal and if children are made aware of them, this personal knowledge and understanding will become something that they can rely upon and utilise throughout all learning, relationships and work as well as helping them to  maintain a good level of mental well-being.  Quite a claim!

Each ‘power’ has a number of attributes and characteristics linked to it that can be shared with children in order for them to understand what each particular behaviour looks like and  specifically, what they can do at school themselves in order to manifest the learning powers and achieve more or get more positive results. Each power is also represented by an animal, an attempt to make the powers more memorable and personal for children, and each character has a back story , which attempts to reflect how they came to be known as  Brave Bear or Cooperative Cat etc. The stories are meant to reflect the sort of situations that the children often find themselves in at school and so help them to identify with what happens, why and how it can be made better. At times, the stories are also heavily linked into topics covered in school, reinforcing facts and technical vocabulary while at other times, they are very much based in PSHE messages that we feel need to be made strongly again and again.

With this super learning power focus, we are taking a step forward, trying to help the children recognise, accept and deal with their own learning behaviours and find ways to moderate or build upon them where necessary in order to bring about positive results.  They link in exactly with the ‘Wonderful Me’ assessments done termly by each child right from Reception, where we ask children to look back each term at where they have been really successful and why and which areas they feel might be useful for them to try working on next.  We make every effort to ensure that each child starts to recognise that they do have real strengths and that we can all make efforts to become even better in order to get where we want to be, to be happy and to be a positive member of the groups that we are in.

Obviously we praise work and may tell a child why a particular piece of writing or maths is so good due to the grammar or approach taken, but where possible, we use these learning behaviours to help show all children exactly how using that power has resulted in improvements.  Everyone in the class cannot produce the same standard of work, but everyone in the class can persevere, everyone can take a chance on doing something that frightens them and everyone can look for alternative solutions rather than waiting for help from an adult. These learning powers enable everyone to develop and receive praise and positive feedback no matter what their academic level.

Through our super learning powers approach, we are aiming to support all of our children to better know themselves and to see  how they can  get the very best results possible whether that be in their work or in their relationships and personal happiness.

Children collect certificates for each of these powers and when they have filled a reward card with all 8, they are given a  Bronze certificate, a second card gets then a silver certificate and a third gets them gold and a treat such as going out in  a group for afternoon tea with Mr Anderson / Mrs McCallion or suchlike.

This is a simplistic approach with a huge remit.  It underpins everything that we are about and it has been completely created in-house so it is tailor made for our children . It isn’t new or unique, but it is our version of things based heavily in well thought of research and hopefully, it will help us to much better equip children to deal with the demands of a very challenging world and bring about far better learning and personal outcomes for them in the short and longer term.