We Are Part of The Flock!

All this term we have been preparing to  be part of a huge event happening locally – The Shaun the Sheep on The Tyne Art Trail. 

From all these ideas, we began to decorate our sheep . EVERY single child in our school has added something, somewhere.  It really is a completely whole school effort.  Once it was finished, we all had our photos taken with it too and we made a display  in our school hall that tells everyone that  we welcome them and respect them and that  we are all proud of our own individuality too.

We will be inviting parents and families in to  see their children’s work  with the opportunity to  make a donation to St. Oswald’s Hospice  to  buy their child’s artwork and photograph. St Oswald’s is an amazing  charity that helps so many seriously ill children and their families find ways to make happy memories in the short time they may have together.  They also share the message with their children that their individual and unique  circumstances should never ever limit them, that  they should always dream big.  We hope that  our fundraising  will go some way to help them do this.    

If you are following  the trail this summer or are going to be looking out for our sculpture, you  will find Bede’s sheep in  The Hilton Hotel on Bottle Bank,  Gateshead.