What’s going on in school?

After what feels like a lifetime of school-life being a bit different than usual, things are finally starting to get back to normal. One exciting thing we are seeing return to school is after-school clubs. Extra-curricular clubs are an excellent way to develop a range of different skills. There are many fantastic clubs that are planned throughout the year. This half term, there are some great sport related clubs which are extremely engaging, active, and fun!  If you look on our Clubs page, you will see details of times and dates.

Parachute Club in Reception: Parachute games are great for children in the early years particularly as they help to develop a variety of different skills. The big movements with our arms help to develop gross motor skills and strengthen the muscles needed for writing and lots of other jobs.  We also work on social skills: learning to listen and practising following instructions. Most importantly, we have lots and lots of fun!

Get Moving Club in Year 1: this is aimed to motivate children to stay active. The children take part in a range of games and activities that promote a healthy lifestyle whilst having fun. We play outdoor games, dance to our favourite songs and test our fitness levels!

Sports Club in Year 2: the focus is learning the skills to throw and catch in order to successfully play a game of dodgeball.

Active Club in Year 3 and Year 4: the focus is mainly on being as active as possible, while challenging your balance, spatial awareness and agility, problem solving and team cohesion skills. This club will be fun for anyone, but will be a particularly great opportunity for children who may not usually get involved in many sports/games clubs outside of school already.

If you do like the look of a club, please register for it for a chance to attend. With most clubs, it is the first to reply who get the spaces, but we will always keep names in reserve. Other clubs pick from all names in a hat. Unfortunately, we can’t always accommodate all children, which means that some will miss out but there are so many other clubs that will be available throughout the year so keep your eyes peeled for when they are released. We will do our best to make sure that all children get to go to at least one club through the year if they would like to. We hope everyone will find something extra for them to enjoy after school.

Mr Salmon