So many ideas for things you might do with your children

The National Literacy Trust is a great organisation, which promotes the love of books and supports families and schools to show children the wonder of words (both reading them and using them to write well ourselves too). We use their resources at school frequently and have been lucky enough to receive grants from them, which have allowed us to buy over £4000 of books for our libraries over the last couple of years.

Their website has a wonderful section for families called ‘Words for Life’. It has been created by The National Literacy Trust and is supported by publishers with funding for its creation from the DfE and Kindred2 This section can be found at:

It not only gives book recommendations for children from birth to teens, but also provides ideas linked to current themes like The World Cup and Christmas where they provide ideas of things you might like to do to at home. These all support reading and writing but are extremely varied and change regularly to keep up with what is going on in the world.

Not only this though!! By following the links through, you can also find all sorts of easy to do ideas, which will help you to develop your child’s curiosity and strengthen their understanding of the world around them.