In Year 5, they have read a book called The Time-Travelling Cat by Julia Jarman.  On the surface, it is an adventure about a boy who goes back in time, but look deeper and it explores how a boy and his father deal with life after his mother dies. Does the main character really go back in time or is it a state of mind which allows Topher to feel close to his mother once more? You decide!

The children in Y5 have written biographies of the main character Topher and decided to make them very sympathetic to the main character, hoping to make the reader feel his suffering through the metaphor of weather. Here are just a couple of examples that we are really proud of.

“After that remarkable night, the storm clouds that controlled Topher’s life and emotions like a passenger in his own body lifted and a ray of warm sunshine began to ripple through. Whether you believe it or not, the young boy’s life changed vastly from that day on. Topher’s dad began to notice the sunshine in his son’s personality. The wall between the two disappeared and they were reunited as family. At school, the sunshine that beamed through the storm clouds meant he actually enjoyed school for the first time. Most of all, he felt a better connection with his mum than he ever had since she passed away.”


Class 5

“St. Saviours school didn’t give Topher the ray of light he was looking for, instead a fog appeared and more dark clouds brewed when he entered the prison-like classroom. With few friends to bring him light, Topher showed a sad and misunderstood personality. One spark in the dark, heavy storm was Ellie, a new girl at school. She understood the heartache and depression that overtook him.


The sun started to break free from the darkness in Topher’s life after that mysterious night. His life changed drastically from that day onwards. Christopher Snr started to see a new ray of light inside of his son. The invisible forcefield between them finally cracked and father and son connected as a family of two. At school, the storm that had covered him cleared and a beautiful sky appeared. This meant he began to love it. Most importantly, Topher’s reunion with his mother allowed him to run through the tornado that controlled him. “


Class 5