Our Year 6 began their SATs this Monday.

We are very proud of how they have tried so hard to get back into the swing of school this year after two such difficult and disrupted years before this. They have had much to overcome and the fact that they are all here giving it their best shot is worthy of congratulations.

As we have said to them, these tests are merely a snapshot of how they are doing academically on the day they take the test. These tests show nothing about the wonderful people that they are in so many other ways and give no indication of all the areas in which our children shine daily.

We hope they do well and prove to themselves just what they can achieve when they work hard, persevere and show a positive and brave attitude towards the challenges they face.

Best of luck Year 6; this is your chance to show all you’ve learnt in primary school in maths and English, but well done on showing us everyday that you are growing into hard-working, thoughtful, resilient and open minded people ready to face the world with a smile and an “I can do this” attitude.