Dear  parents and carers,

We have the opportunity  to  run a parent and child yoga club next  half term after school. It would run from 3:30 – 4:15 on a Tuesday in the main hall  and would be a great  opportunity for you  to spend time with your child(ren) learning ways to  relax, to  become more flexible and to  focus on your body  and mind through the activities that  are designed for anyone of any level /  ability to do.  You do not have to  have done yoga before to  do  it.

We are currently  gauging interest in Y1 and Reception so that  the children attending are of a similar age. Children age 4 – 6 are welcome to  attend with you. The course would cost £2:50 a week and would run for 6  weeks either next  half term or in the spring term.  If you  attend with more than one child, it will  be an extra 50p for every additional child. You do not need to wear special  clothing, just  something comfortable and easy  to stretch and bend in and mats are provided.

Yoga is something that can help mental and physical well-being greatly and once learnt, can support personal welfare for the rest of your life.  Just the breathing activities alone can be so helpful to control anger, anxiety, fear or panic and are invaluable tools.

Please email, or pop in to school, if you are interested, saying if you would prefer us to book it for next  half term  ( starting  November)  or the Spring term (starting January) .